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Understanding the Home Loan Application Process

  • Once you have contacted DHL Stateplan we will arrange for one of our experienced brokers to meet with you to discuss your needs.
  • Your broker will check all documents to support your financial situation ie: payslips, rental income, family assistance etc. and discuss the loan amount and purpose of the loan ie: personal or investment use.
  • Once your DHL Stateplan mortgage broker has a clear understanding of your position and goals, they will discuss the various loan products available, and provide you with home loan comparisons and determine your mortgage repayments, upfront fee's and ongoing fee's.
  • When you are satisfied with your choice of home loan, an application form will need to be completed and signed by all applicants.
  • Your home loan application is then reviewed by your mortgage broker, all details are double checked and any missing information is duly noted. The application along with all supporting documents will be forwarded to the lender to be assessed by processing staff.
  • The lender's assessor will log the application, allocate it a file number and confirm receipt of the application with your broker. 
  • The application will be checked to ensure it has correctly completed. If the application is incomplete the lender will contact the broker to obtain this missing information from you. The application will most likely not progress until the requested information has been supplied.
  • A thorough review will be undertaken and relevant checks made.
  • The assessor will then pass your file on with a recommendation to either APPROVE or DECLINE your home loan application.
  • The outcome of your home loan application will be forwarded to your broker and they with inform you of the lender's decision.

If you would like the home loan application process explained in detail, please do not hesitate to call DHL Stateplan on 5327 0100

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